Basic Node and Express - Chain Middleware to Create a Time Server

Hy everyone!
I’m trying to solve this challenge in last couple of days but i’m stucked.
I should create a time server and actually it works but the test remaining fail beside of that. My best shot it’s happening because of my UCT. Someone has the tip to pass the test?
snap_of_code snap_of_response|536x39

solution: boilerplate-express - Replit

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Challenge: Basic Node and Express - Chain Middleware to Create a Time Server

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There’s nothing wrong with your code. I believe that the test can fail if your PC clock is not correctly synced however. If you open up the Time and Date settings on your PC , there should be an option to sync it. Try that and then resubmit the challenge.

Your repl link passes the challenge for me.

Tks man, the clock was off by one f* minute. Im trying to solve that puzzle for f* two days.

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Edit: well never mind.

If you look at the response in the network tab what do you see?

Does using toUTCString() change anything?

You can try doing it locally (in which case your PC does need to have the clock set correctly).

One thing I know that can make the test fail is doing the submission near midnight.

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