Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console

[Tell us what’s happening:
Describe your issue in detail here.
I’ve completed the task but my test cases are not passing…
Need help to get rid out of it.

Your project link(s)](boilerplate-express (2) - Replit)

solution: boilerplate-express (2) - Replit

Challenge: Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console

console.log('"Hello World"');

Are you sure this is what was asked of you?

Yes, I have done.
The test case is still failed.
You can also see to the above screen shot or this link below…

What instruction were you trying to follow?

console.log(“Hello World”);
I’ve written the code in myApp.js file
still the test case not pass…
can anyone explain…

You didn’t write it exactly.
You have some extra quotes?
(Use the exact syntax)

boilerplate-express (5) - Replit

what url did you paste to the challenge ?

For eg. here is mine:

make sure you have published the replit and that you are providing the correct URL

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