Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console

Hi, I try this challenge by glitch
but it gives not found err after I try it locally it gives same err

glitch code:Glitch :・゚✧
locall terminal:

plz help me

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Challenge: Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console

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The message you’re seeing about adding packages and auditing them is a normal part of npm, and it’s usually unrelated to the “Not Found” error you’re experiencing with your Glitch project.
“Try following these steps, maybe your error will be fixed.”
Glitch Project Error (“Not Found”):
Check the project URL for typos.
Ensure your Glitch project is public.
Review your server code for routing issues.
Restart your Glitch project if needed.
Check project logs for error messages.
Clear your browser cache.
NPM Packages & Vulnerabilities:
The message about added packages is normal.
Running npm audit provides vulnerability details.
“9 packages are looking for funding” is informational.
Your Node server is running on port 3000.
Focus on addressing the “Not Found” error first for your Glitch project. If you encounter npm-related issues, consider running npm audit to investigate vulnerabilities but know that it’s not directly related to the “Not Found” error.

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but it doesn’t work. :face_exhaling:

You didn’t add the code you were asked to add.

Modify the myApp.js file to log “Hello World” to the console.

Where is the console.log in your code?

Also, please link to the editor when asking for help.!/island-rogue-beat

The not found is expected as you are not yet serving anything. It is not why your code isn’t passing.

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