Basic Node and Express - Serve JSON on a Specific Route

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I have complete this tasks " Serve the object {"message": "Hello json"} as a response, in JSON format, to GET requests to the /json route. Then point your browser to your-app-url/json , you should see the message on the screen." I am getting this response when I call this api in any browser. But freecodecamp says: " The endpoint /json should serve the json object {"message": "Hello json"}" . I have tried in many ways.

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If you are wondering why it is failing, when you enter the solution link, give it the url of the app, not that specific endpoint.

Don’t give it:

give it:

Otherwise it will try to go to:

and fail.

If I give it the right url to the app, it passes for me.

I got it. Thanks a lot. I am trying this for last three hours.

Yeah, we’ve all been there. :wink:

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