Basic Node and Express - Serve Static Assets

I can not pass this challenge. I dont even understand what do I have to do. Get a hint section with

 const express = require("express");
 const app = express();
 app.use(express.static(__dirname + "/views"));

code doesnt help.
Could anybody help?

Welcome to the community! Could you please post a link to your code? Seeing what code you have written will help somebody determine what you need to do to move forward

When I put that project into the tests, they pass. Did you open the actual app in a new window and copy that link for the tests?

No I haven’t. Now I did it and passed the test. Thanks a lot.
I was coping from Share - Project page

Yah, for one of the first projects on glitch I did that, took me forever to figure out why it wasn’t working :rage:. Lol glad I could help.

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