Basic Node and Express - Use body-parser to Parse POST Requests

hi famillies please i need your help //

let bodyParser= require(“body-parser”);
let express = require(‘express’);
let app = express();

app.use(function middle(req, res, next){
bodyParser.urlencoded({extended: false}).extended=false

they tell The ‘body-parser’ middleware should be mounted

We need to see the full project code. Please post a link to your replit.

Thank you.

see the link

What is the exact url you are submitting for this particular challenge? Your code looks fine too me. Are you seeing an error in the Node console. Is the test failing? You did not really say what your question was about the challenge.

FYI - You can use the same boilerplate for all the challenges in the Basic Node and Express section instead of creating a new one for each challenge. The section is designed so that each challenge adds a new feature to the app.