Basic Node and Express - Use the .env File

Create a .env file in the root of your project directory, and store the variable MESSAGE_STYLE=uppercase in it.

Then, in the /json GET route handler you created in the last challenge access process.env.MESSAGE_STYLE and transform the response object’s message to uppercase if the variable equals uppercase. The response object should either be {"message": "Hello json"} or {"message": "HELLO JSON"}, depending on the MESSAGE_STYLE value. Note that you must read the value of process.env.MESSAGE_STYLE inside the route handler, not outside of it, due to the way our tests run.
i am done but during testing while submit its showing :
// running tests The response of the endpoint


should change according to the environment variable


// tests completed // console output [Error: Unexpected token N in JSON at position 0]

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solution: boilerplate-express - Replit

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Challenge: Basic Node and Express - Use the .env File

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app.get("/", function (req, res) {
  if (process.env.MESSAGE_STYLE === "uppercase") {
    response = "Hello World".toUpperCase();
  } else {
    response = "Hello World";

That is not the response which is required by the challenge:

The response object should either be {"message": "Hello json"} or {"message": "HELLO JSON"}

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