Basic Table Question

I’m making a table where the top row reads “Red”, then “Blue” then “Green”. For the second row, I only have 2 table datas “Yellow” and “Orange”. I wanted yellow to span two rows but only one column, and Orange to span both two rows AND two columns. as you can see, someone helped me by suggesting adding a “width” attribute. All though this does work, I feel that there is a much simpler way. When I tried before using only colspan and rowspan like I thought, it didn’t work. Any input? Here’s my link:

<table border="2" width="200">
    	                <td height="40">Yellow</td>
    	                <td colspan="2">Orange</td>


If you want a cell to take up two rows or two columns, then you do want rowspan or colspan.

If you just want a row to be taller or a column wider, then you want to use width and height

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