Basic tip for Bootstrap Grid

People often struggle with the use of rows and columns in the Bootstrap grid. This snippet below might help. It comes from here.
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The grid system in bootstrap is all about setting up your layout with divs and then putting elements inside those divs.

Understanding Columns

For example:

  • col-*-6 will make the width be 50% (half as 6 is half of 12)
  • col-*-4 will make the width be 33.33% (1/3 as 4 is 1/3 * 12)

(the * here is to be replaced with xs, sm, md, lg).

Adding something like a button…

The btn-block class is adding: width:100% and display:block , which is i_n conflict with the .col-* classes width…_

This is why you need to have a container (aka: div with col-* class) and inside of it put the button. Also this will ensure that you have a nice padding around the buttons too.

This is a quick illustration of the Bootstrap Grid
(Feel free to fork it, improve it, and replace my link with better examples!!)
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