Basicc Algorithm Scripting: Title Case a Sentence

Here is the link of this challenge:

my result is the same as the answer but why this hapeen. Anyone Explain for me please.

here is my code:

function titleCase(str) {
   // let arr = []; 
    str=" "+str+" ";
    let rel="";
  //  let a=/a/i,
   // the=/the/i;
    for (let i = 0 , l = str.length, se="" ; i < l ; i ++) {
        if (str[i]==" ") {
     //       console.log(se);
    // console.log(se);
            if ((se=="a" ) || (se=="The")) {
                se = se.toUpperCase();
              //  console.log(se);
            rel+=se+" ";
            if (i!==l-1) se += str[i+1].toUpperCase();
        if (str[i-1]!==" ")se += str[i].toLowerCase();
return rel.slice(1,rel.length-1);
  //return rel-" ";

console.log(titleCase("I'm a little tea pot the"));

let a='f';

try this console.log:
console.log("-->" + titleCase("I'm a little tea pot" + "<--"));
do you see the difference with the required output?

yes, absolutly, sir. It is completely different

one single character is enough to make strings not match

can you see it?

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confront with

console.log("-->" + "I'm A Little Tea Pot" + "<--")`
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got it, bro. Thank you!!!

do me a favour and stop referring about me as male

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excuse me, what is your gender?

this is not doing what you think
1- toUpperCase() returns a new value, it doesn’t change se
2- se==a and se==the always return false as you can’t compare a regex and a string like that

ok, got it. I will fixed it. Thank you again