BasicJavascript: Using Objects for Look Ups?

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```// Setup
function phoneticLookup(val) {
  var result = "";

  // Only change code below this line
  var lookup = {
   result = lookup{val};

  // Only change code above this line
  return result;

// Change this value to test

I tried it on my google chrome console and it worked but this site it refuses I was screaming from the bottom that ADAM IS FREAKING ALPHA NOW FUCK YOU.

This is incorrect syntax. Also, try stepping away from the computer occasionally and taking some deep breaths.


Thank you very much :smiley:
To me I first wanted to do one week programming and one week physics but I think I will make it 2 weeks math, physics and one week programming.
This really is stressful.

Thanks for advice it worked after all :smiley: