What are the chances of FCC ever integrating with IFTTT or Zapier?

Asking because I’m a big fan of Beeminder ( for habit tracking, and would like to take advantage of their tools to both measure and potentially become more consistent with my FCC progress, and I assume it would be easier to integrate with IFTTT or Zapier than it is to individually connect to every single web service out there like Beeminder. Correct me if I’m wrong, though. :slight_smile:

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Ooh, we’d like to make you be wrong! :slight_smile: I’m a cofounder of Beeminder and we’d love to integrate directly with FCC and may be able to make that super easy. (IFTTT & Zapier integration would be awesome too of course.)

First question, is this the latest on an API endpoint for fetching a user’s progress on FCC:

CC @joshpitzalis

PS: Tada! This finally happened! Beeminder ♥ freeCodeCamp | Beeminder Blog

@dreeves: Huge fan of your work at Beeminder as a fellow anonymous akratic. Best of luck getting a response!

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