<beginner> Increment a Number with JavaScript

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Hi everyone, I am really stuck here with this challenge. It keeps saying
myVar = myVar + 1; should be changed
which I don’t even know where I can change it.

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var myVar = 87;

// Only change code below this line

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You can easily increment or add one to a variable with the ++ operator.


is the equivalent of

i = i + 1;

The entire line becomes i++;, eliminating the need for the equal sign.

The answer is in the last line

Hi thank you for replying, then I tried this and it is still does not allow me to pass:

var myVar = 87;

// Only change code below this line
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Yes, and now you’ve stumbled upon pre-increment and post-increment.

Pre-increment means increase the value, and give me the result. So

const i = 0

++i // this will increase 0 to 1, and give you 1

Post-increment means give me the original value, and then increase it. So

const i = 0

i++ // this will give you 0, and then increase to 1
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Hey! I got it! Thank you so much!:tada:

Please, help me with this too

var myVar = 87;

// Only change code below this line

myVar = ++myVar

what I did wrong?