Beginner Question: Can't get nav bar items to line up

I’m working on my portfolio page and trying to put my name on the left, and the options on the right:

I’ve tried removing the span element from the list but keeping it in the nav div, which produces the observed result. I also put the Name element in the list with anchor text, but that leaves an unwanted space between the left margin and the element, even when I use the navbar-left class or float it to the left.

Also, and this may be a total noob question, but why is the text on the right turning blue when I haven’t specified a color?

in ur console (f12 for chrome) you can see that bootstrap is setting
a {
color: #337ab7;

i’m not sure what exactly you want to do with everything else , whats “unwanted space between the left margin” or whats wrong with the current result
BS3 navbar docs may help

using inline styles alot is not a good idea

Bootstrap have default color for a tag… You have to set color in your css… nav>li>a

I didn’t understand what is your other problem… :confused: Sorry

Sorry, but I can’t find where you open <ul> tag…
And you don’t need to use height: 60px; because height will be counted with all paddings/margins))))

P.S. Result without given height)


That must’ve been it. Thanks!

As far as the name element goes, does anything stick out as to why the navbar-left class isn’t pushing it all the way to the left? My goal is to get rid of that little space between Name and the left edge.

Don’t understood what are you talking about.

I also updated your project a little bit… If you want - can check

UPD. Sorry incorrect link. HERE!

You didn’t open<ul>

And ul tag by default have padding-left: 40px;
so in your css put padding: 0; or padding-left: 0;

Awesome thanks! I’ll take a look at the updates later, but in the meantime I’m still getting space on the left