Beginning my coding journey, super scared…

31 years old going through a life crisis :joy: didn’t finish college nothing, just working blue collar jobs and said to myself, this can’t be my life. Best friend is an engineer and he told me to get into coding, his little brother is also a full stack dev, 19 y.o …they’re going to be mentoring me here and there. Thinking of doing self teaching 6 months then a boot camp.

Anyway I’m scared as hell, I’ve never had to learn a skill basically lol not like this. It just feels like so much is weighing on me learning this, could legit change my life. So I’m super scared to’s intimidating as hell.

Starting with HTML, CSS then JavaScript


Hello and welcome to the community :smiley:!
Congratulations🎊 on starting this journey/challenge!!!A journey of a hundred miles starts with a first step! Be confident and tough with yourself and most importantly believe that you can do it. I’m totally inspired by how spontaneous your decision is…
Free code camp is a totally awesome place to start and its not to intimidating as well, Lets keep on supporting each other :smiling_face: and don’t worry if things get difficult or you get stuck as we all do at some point but there are tons of amazing people here who are more then glad to help you. Congratulations and well wishes on your decision!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


From my own learning experiences; I suggest below

  1. Once you finish learning HTML and CSS, STOP and build lots of projects on your own. checkout frontend mentor for building projects
  2. Then learn javascript, and again build lots of projects
  3. This is the only way you can be a good coder in next 6 - 12 months based on your commitment & consistency

I still get scared when introduced to a new concept :laughing:

I often find I have to calm myself down a bit before starting a project, it can be overwhelming.

But I have to admit, the projects that I fear the most, are also the ones I enjoy the most.
The feeling of solving a problem I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get past is a feeling I find hard to describe.

I’ve learnt to celebrate my small wins and sprint into the large ones :smiley:

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your not alone, I’m almost 8 years in the heating and air industry. always had an interest in computers but always thought coding and software was above my ability. gotten throught the first 3 projects on html and css and I’m surprised that I am starting to actually understand what I’m seeing when i look at the code on random websites. your never too old to learn, KEEP IT UP!


Congratulations on your decision!

If you’re scared of failure, just know that you will fail often and that’s OK. Smart people fail learning things all of the time.

And that’s what makes them smart. Every time they fail they turn it into a blessing by learning from that failure.

A person who never fails isn’t a genius, he just never did anything. And that by itself is a failure to live!

Good luck on your journey!


Like @Coding_Eagle said. Not doing is failing.

Learning to code takes courage.
courage takes practice.
I’ve found that the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins has helped me tremendously in doing things I was scared to do.

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Perfectly fine to be scared, you will build up confidence when you see that you get good at coding. I know i felt the same way but i told myself that this is what i wanted to do and i’ve stayed the course. 5 Months later i’m still scared sometimes, still normal.

I think it would be good to just accept the feeling and keep pushing on. It’s impossible not to succeed. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Maybe you will find some inspiration reading Quincy Larson’s journey: How to Learn to Code & Get a Developer Job [Full Book]

Do what’s best for you, but as Quincy suggested most of your money should be spent on networking as this will most likely land your first job. Also i think it would eventually be good to get a Bachelor’s Degree after you start earning money, at some point, because i think it will give you a much better chance to make more money than without one.

Let’s do this!


I think this is a good decision, the hardest thing is to start, and then everything will be fine

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