Best option for multilanguage website with the following features?

So I have site on Wordpress for which I can use this plugin Bogo – WordPress plugin |
But the problem is this plugin requires the content to be managed within Wordpress, and I need to translate static content as well in the custom templates/theme. So whats the best option to be used alongside it?
Do note I need the solution to be SEO friendly, perhaps with a lang parameter in the url. Doesn’t matter if it requires the page to be reloaded to switch language. And I don’t need google translation, I prefer to do the translation myself/manually.

Edit the above mentioned plugin Bogo uses the following structure for non-default languages

Hey @Snippet!

Why don’t you try Google Translator or Loco Translate

I think I tried those and the reason why I didn’t stick to them is that they do a mess in the database in fact I don’t recap which one I think it was qTranslate caused uninstallation to break Wordpress due to permanent modification of the database and I had to resort to a backup, instead Bogo uses this approach:

Bogo plugin assigns one language per post. It plays nice with WordPress – Bogo does not create any additional custom table on your database, unlike some other plugins in this category. This design makes Bogo a solid, reliable and conflict-free multilingual plugin.

Edit: Seems like Loco translate supports translation of any string but it requires to sync a web service api

Extraction of translatable strings from your source code

There is a plugin called TranslationPress
I think this can help.

Here is a page that tells you how to use the plugin

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Thanks! Ok tried it out and it seems to use a sorts of drag and drop builder for translating… Not necessarily I need a plugin for Wordpress, perhaps a library/jquery script could do…

Then, Okay.

I thought you need a plugin.

I realized a marvelous solution: using Bogo plugin you can specify a different template for each language page