Best practices for an extended website

I don’t know enough about it, so I only made simulations of small and attractive websites. But what if I want to make an extended website? I will have to be able to modify it often, so I don’t want the code to break too easily. What would be the best practices for this? Is it enough just HTML and CSS? If not, what do I need more? I ask because, as I mentioned before, I m no expert with JavaScript yet :sweat_smile:

The approach of building a complex application (including websites) usually falls into 2 buckets:

  1. Build a framework to help you as the application gets complex
  2. Use a framework to help you as the application gets complex

Most people go into the 2nd one, which means picking tools/frameworks to help you “off the shelf” IE someone else makes and maintains the framework/tooling, and you use it to build what you need. The advantage is you get more help, but have to follow along with the framework and tooling.

The 1st one is good if you want complete control. This means you should know what your doing and how to do it in such a manor that complex requirements aren’t a problem. Worst case you actually don’t know what your doing and make things more of a mess.

So at this point you might ask “what kind of frameworks/tools could I use to build complex websites?” and the answer is basically there are a ton of frameworks to pick from each with their pro’s and cons. FreeCodeCamp itself goes over React, which is rather popular and can be used for a number of different use-cases and in different ways.

There are other frameworks and tools you could use, but I wont get into any here. I’d only point to a guides like this on the topic of “roadmaps” of what you can learn, and “tools” of what you can use:


Thanks, I’ll get a look