Beta testing/code review requested - ReactJS app that writes test cases

Hello, campers.

I put together a front-end only app that accepts manual testing parameters and test steps as input, and outputs completed test cases.

If variables for numeric or date boundary values are needed, the user can just type ‘&&’ into a test step wherever a variable is needed.

Any feedback is appreciated. I’d like to get more serious about writing React apps and need to identify really which novice mistakes I am currently making in my overall approach.

Here’s the code:

Here’s the application:


This is what I saw opening it in a Opera window with incognito mode active:

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Nice find! Is it doing the same thing in Chrome?

Unfortunately I haven’t Chrome installed: this is what happen to me with mozilla:

It has problems with customfunctions.js, can’t say why :confused: ( it won’t be found but is it possible to find a file with a browser and not with another? i don’t think so )

I’ll figure this out and fix it over the weekend.

Again, thank you for the feedback!

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