Blank page with React app with github pages

Hey I keep getting a blank page with github pages.
I have run
npm run build
npm run deploy

I still get a blank page. I have set a home page in my package.json . I am out of ideas.

Can anyone help ?

Hey there,

when I deploy your project to codesandbox,

I see an error Could not fetch dependencies, please try again in a couple seconds: can't access property "name", e.dependency is undefined.

Having a look at your package.json, I can see a dependency named "-": "0.0.1".
This package exists, but when I remove it, your site works for me.

Maybe the name of "-" breaks the npm deploy.

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Hey, good catch. I removed that package and nothing has changed on the github side of things. Funny enough, on netlify
and apparently in codesandbox it works fine. Thank you for taking the time to play with the repo.