Body margin 0 not working

Hello world!

I have just started a new pen; I would like my first div to cover the top of the page, just like a navbar;

I have tried setting the body margin to 0 but it does not seem to allow the div to cover the white space between the top of the div and the top border of the page;
I can fix this by setting the div position to be relative and by moving it up 20px,
but I would like to do it by styling the body, I think it may be a smoother way around it.



Post your code.

Have you tried padding: 0px for your body?

I have!

The margin is coming from your h1 tag. Do this

  margin: 0px;  
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Thanks! Was it taking up space from inside the div? interesting, for some reason my reasoning is that if you take care of the parent element, then everything will be set. I will adjust it right now :slight_smile:

Another option is to use overflow: hidden in the #intro div, and leave/set the h1 margin as is

I like this solution better.

  background: linear-gradient(to right, #757f9a, #d7dde8);
  overflow: hidden;

  margin: 40px;
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