Body overlapping navbar, Responsive Web Design project 3, product landing page

I’ve passed all of the tests for this project, and still plan to improve on/add content, but I refuse to move on until the content no longer appears on top of the navbar when the page scrolls. I’ve scoured the sample code, and briefly reviewed the lessons. The only thing that worked was adding a negative z-index to #content-container, which doesn’t seem like the right answer. It’s not used anywhere in the FCC sample (that I saw). TIA

edit: here’s the sample

z-index does pretty much exactly what you want to do. Including a link to the example you are referring to would help us put this question into context.

It’s the position: relative on the #content-container. Get rid of that and the container will flow under the header as you want. If you need to keep the relative positon on the container then you will have to use z-index.

Thanks bbsmooth! I’ll have to go back and try to understand why I had that relative in the first place…