Boilerplate repositories with no .replit?

I couldn’t help but notice that the .replit file was removed on the arithmetic formatter GitHub repo.

I’m not sure if that actually was a good idea if is involved. Shouldn’t we have them pre-configured and ready to go for campers that have no idea what to do in regards to setting up the run command?

From what I understand of the documentation, it seems pretty easy to setup a run command before it gets opened on

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at the time it worked, replit has gone through a lot of changes, and each change made to the boilerplate was to try to keep up with it and keep the boilerplates working. If there is an additional change to make feel free to open an issue, or if you know what to fix, a PR

The problem is I have no idea on how to determine if my potential solution will work unless I try setting up my own GitHub repo and try deploying it on

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