Bootcamps that start with prior knowledge

Hello all,

I’ve been looking at Codeworks and Codesmith boot camps, since I already have some prior coding knowledge, and I like that you start out with a foundation - the rigorous entry process means that other self-studiers and motivated individuals will likely apply. I was wondering if anyone has other recommendations for remote boot camps. I’m on the west coast, but I like Codeworks because there’s a network in Europe…

Codeworks is a great bootcamp. I can also recommend you freeCodeCamp, it’s gonna teach you 10% less stuff and it’s not going to be as curated, but it’s free. You’re going to get better assistance on freeCodeCamp forum or reddit comparing to any TA of any bootcamp.

Hi! Thanks for the response. I’m sure I could learn a lot of freeCodeCamp, but my feeling is that (and correct me if I am wrong) I would be more likely to get a higher paying job, and a lot faster, if I did a boot camp at Codeworks.

Yes certainly, but not because of skill set provided rather because of commitment that is applied with being in bootcamp environment. Give your best friend 10k and promise him he can have it if you don’t find a job in 3 month… :slight_smile: That will greatly increase likelihood of you finding a job, right?

If you haven’t read it yet, Quincy’s Coding Bootcamp Handbook has a lot of good things to think about when you are choosing a bootcamp.