Bootstrap Columns are stubborn

Hi all!
This is my first time using Bootstrap and codepen, so probably I’m making a rookie mistake, but I really can’t figure out why my images don’t want to line up next to each other in columns. I placed three div’s with class col-md-4 within a row, and every div contains a responsive image. For some reason the first image is in the right place and size. The other two images are stacked below and get smaller.
Oh and the text ‘Portfolio’ also doesn’t line up the way I thought it would. The row is divided in a col-md-2 and col-md-10, but still the text appear all the way on the left of the page.
Thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile:

Here is the link to my pen:

Found the solution already! Admin please delete this topic :slight_smile:

The row with col-md-4 werent showing up in the expected way because you forgot to put closing brackets > for the image tags.also you need to put quotes around class names for the div.

ahh good you found out the solution!

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Yeah actually I could still use some help. I found my mistake there, but I still don’t know how to align my text more to the right. This is my code:


Is that the right way to align the text to the third column?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Okay I don’t know how to write code in here without it being interpreted :joy:
Anyway, the code is in my pen

Fixed again… missed some closing brackets again :sweat_smile:

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