Bootstrap doesn't works in CodePen, but only FreeCodeCamp

I’m currently working on bootstrap in Front End Development Libraries. I’m all fine doing those challenges, but when I wanted to test out them in CodePen, the codes doesn’t work. I’ve also tried pasting the solution into a blank page by double-clicking inspect element, it doesn’t have the result of bootstrap. It seems like bootstrap only works in FreeCodeCamp. Surprisingly, img-responsive works in CodePen only.

So these are my questions.

  1. Why is this happening?
  2. Is there any software for coding bootstrap?
  3. Is bootstrap still supported in Html?

You’re welcome to reply to this topic.

Did you add the Bootstrap CDN link to the HTML head element on codepen? To add it you can click on the settings icon of HTML and add it there

Oh what is CDN link, I’m new to bootstrap. How do I get the link

Btw thx, you actually help me with that. I can just search online for the link. Thanks so much

You can find the cdn link on the official bootstrap docs.

No problem, glad I could help :))

You should also be aware that there are changes to class names and components between versions. Make sure you refer to the docs for the version of Bootstrap you are using. The latest version 5 and the one taught in the curriculum (v3) are not the same.

You can look at the changelogs and migration sections to see what has changed between versions.

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