Bootstrap example not working in Safari [SOLVED]

Here is the html file In Safari, buttons are small and white and do not take up the entire width of the window. Same even in style and body elements are removed. This is very different from tutorial appearance. What am I missing?

How do IO get the code to appear? The code is interpreted? I tried commenting it out, but then nothing appears.

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Do you have an example of your code?

I can’t get the code to appear. Here is a jpg image of the code.

Copy the link to your CodePen and past it here as a reply or you can edit your original post and past the CodePen link within it.

Is the image OK? Otherwise I will copy it to GitHub (need to find out what CodePen is).

I’m sorry, I thought you were using CodePen - nevermind my last response. What are you trying to achieve with the image ?

The image has the HTML code which is not working. I could not type it here because it is interpreted and the code seems not to be visible. (Still learning my way around.)

Got it to work. Looked at your code pen article, put the link in the section rather than in the style section. Presumably this is happening under the covers in the tutorial.

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How do I mark this as solved?

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I will edit the tile to show that it has been solved. Glad it’s working now ! Happy Thanksgiving. :slight_smile:

just returned to computer. thnx for all your help. hope you had a good thanksgiving.