Bootstrap grids and columns

Is there any difference between these two column classes?!

Visually they are both the same, so I was wondering if first one is better for like: scalability or something like that?

Visually they are both different to me. One has a lot more viewport settings defined. Where is a codepen so I can see it?

So, the reason they look the same is that the second div is only defined as a 10-column wide item), and it is NOT adjacent to a div that is 2-columns or 1-column-wide on the current or smaller viewports, in which case Bootstrap could render the two side-by-side as an 11-or-12 column-wide pair of divs.

Your top div is the full screen on xs viewports, 5/6th on sm viewports, 2/3rds on medium and larger, so at no point is it 1/6th the width, which would allow the col-xs-10 div to come up side-by-side with it, since it takes 5/6th of the screen.

The BEST explanation of Bootstrap I have read (with pictures) follows. It has PICTURES that really hammered it home to me after a few re-reads:

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