Bootstrap weird thing navbar

Hello, I have a nav bar that works fine on pc but on mobile with the hamburger menu it bugs. It easier to show than to explain

It works the first time when I am at the main page but if I go to another page I cant click the menu again. - This is the GitHub page with the HTML files. First time posting anything on GitHub so if it dosen’t work tell me. Been stuck for almost 2 hours testing things would appreciate any help.

On your index page you are loading script files. On the others no scripts are loaded. I’m guessing one of those script files has the missing functionality.

There are some files are missing on your github too. jquery/jquery.js and css/main.css.
Is jquery.js file the jquery library stored locally on your computer or is it some custom jquery file you have authored?

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Those script files that i missed on the other pages was the answer thanks alot. I have yet made any jquery or main css