Bootstrap with angular 5

How to use bootstrap modal with angular 5? I want this with purely bootstrap not ng-bootstrap. I have already installed bootstrap as npm, and design UI with bootstrap now I need modal in my website. I have tried demo code for modal from bootstrap official documentation but nor work. Can anyone help me out of this

Can you share a live example of it not working (using something like Stackblitz or Plunkr)? I don’t know if anyone here will have enough experience with using bootstrap and angular, but just “It doesn’t work” isn’t enough information for anyone to be able to help.

If you want components, you are probably better of with ng-bootstrap. You should still be able to use regular Bootstrap styles - they only need Bootstrap CSS, which is also used by ng-bootstrap.

Getting component libraries to play nicely with the frameworks can be a pain, so I think you are better off using one of the recommended ones:

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