Bot announcements in chat about code formatting?

So much code gets posted in chat by people looking for help but it can be tedious and difficult to read unformatted - especially in large chunks. Speaking for myself, I had no idea about the formatting options until someone in the chat took the time to explain them.

Is there any possibility of a bot doing regular, newbie-friendly announcements about code formatting? Not suggesting it would solve the problem entirely but it would be something towards raising awareness.

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If someone types three single quotes (''') instead of ticks, camperbot will respond with a message about formatting and a link to the full page.

There’s some discussion on the GitHub repository. Feel free to contribute to the discussion over there as well. I don’t think we settled on a decision yet, but it is in the works.

And I agree, it can be frustrating to have a wall of unformatted code fly by in the chat rooms.