Brag: Got my backend certificate

Hello fellow campers!

I came here just to brag about me receiving the backend certificate :slight_smile:

According to GitHub I started the Voting App on 2nd December so it took me three months to finish all five projects (but I took a time off between x-mas and mid-january so it’s more like two months).

At first these projects looked very hard, but at the end I wished for those projects to be more challenging.
I checked the backend projects from Beta site and they are even simpler :unamused:

I also looked through my API Microservice projects and gosh they were ugly :fearful: so I refactored them all.

Thank you for your attention and happy coding!


Nicely done and congrats!

Congratulations man!

very nice … well done … first time i saw a certificate lol …

Nice one. Now make something on your own!

Congratulations fellow camper.
By the way, your voting app is terrific. looking forward to coding one like that.

Wow! that’s great. Congratulations!

Nice job

All the apps look nice :slight_smile:

I finished by BE certificate this weekend as well (beat you to it!!)

My projs below:

Voting App
[Nightlife App] (
[Stock Chart] (
[Book Trading App] (
[Pinterest Clone] (

I did all of them using the MEAN stack, but i will redo some of them with React (still a lot to learn about it).

Time for us to help out others to get the certificate as we did!!! :slight_smile:

[My site] (



Congratulations! Good work.

yaaaaa @jenovs!!!


Looks cool man, the stockmarket app doesn’t make much sense? What is the user meant to do?
Maybe a popup modal with instructions on what the app can do would be cool :slight_smile:

I’m keen to start my BE certificate soon !!

User can add NASDAQ ticker symbol and see the stock price and graph.

But you raised a good point :slight_smile:

Actually before I started backend, the Voting App was the only project which made sense to me without reading project description on FCC (and Pinterest Clone didn’t made sense even after reading description; I had to google what Pinterest is, because I couldn’t believe that the last project is so basic :unamused: ).

woop woop! well done. :slight_smile:

It’s not just that the project doesn’t make sense - you have to think from a users perspective.
Why does this app exist?

  • To allow users to see stocks and trends
    That’s all well and good, but when making pages, I realise that we all need to guide the user through the page, letting them know what each thing does on the page, maybe something like this:

I think at a minimum, there should be some instructions, FAQ’s, How To’s.

As a basic rule of thumb, I always get my girlfriend and my mum to use my sites, I don’t say anything, i just load up the page and ask them what they think. Inevitably, they click somewhere or do something I absolutely never would expect, and it always exposes flaws in my page.

User experience and accessibility, I’m coming to realise, deserves so much more attention than we care to give it credit.


Congrats! What will be your next step?

Congrats - on your success— I remember you helped with my Random Quote Project about 6 months ago… Glad to see you are progressing in your endeavors…

@jenovs Congrats! I’m working through the back end projects right now myself, and hope to be able to post a similar brag soon. :smile: Keep up the good work!


I can’t help but notice that you only got your back end certificate. I’m curious about your decision to focus on the back end. Did you have a specific job or job type in mind? Are you following someone’s recommended schedule?

I started from the beginning and I’ve already earned my front end certificate. Right now I’m struggling with the React stuff. I think I’ll have an easier time with back end than I did with front end. I have some experience with server administration and back end coding, but it’s been a really long time.

Well done pal!

I’ve still got the bookclub todo and pinterest clone. I started the backend too in december, though i think i’ll be done by the end of march.

Regards Jono

I reset my account at the beginning of this year.
I have only three D3 projects and Dungeon Crawler left to finish the FCC.

But as I’ve heard from other campers who have finished the FCC, there aren’t many non-profit projects after finishing the whole curriculum (at least there are people who have finished FCC and haven’t been assigned to any non-profit projects in three months).

So I’m not in a hurry (and after looking through BETA site I’m growing a bit skeptical about FCC as a whole :unamused:).

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