Budget App-Scientific computing with Python

I’m not understanding what’s wrong here in create_spend_chart:

def create_spend_chart(categories):
  categories_withdrawals = [[transact['amount'] for transact in category.ledger if transact['amount'] < 0] for category in categories]
  total_withdrawals = [sum(withdrawals) for withdrawals in categories_withdrawals]
  total_balances = [x.get_balance() - y for x,y in zip(categories, total_withdrawals)]
  percentage_spent = [abs(x) / y for x, y in zip(total_withdrawals, total_balances)]
  x = ["Percentage spent by category"]
  # constructing labels of bar chart
  for i in range(110,0,-10):

  # filling the bar chart according to percentage spent
  for i in range(1,12):
    for j in range(len(categories)):
      if percentage_spent[j] * 100 > (11-i)*10:
        x[i] += ' o '
  x.append('    ' + '--'*(2 + len(categories)))
  # constructing category name
  #list of categories names
  names = [name.category_name for name in categories]
  vertical_names = zip_longest(*names, fillvalue = ' ')
  for row in vertical_names:
    x.append('     ' + '  '.join(list(row)))
  for row in x[1:]:

Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance for any help

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