Budget App : wrong brackets in ledger list

Hey so I got both my class and function to work and return the expected results and format.

However running my code in replit shows 6 error message concerning the way the class functions are appended to the ledger list.

The only difference I can find though is that my ledger list items are apparently outlined with “” and the expected result with {} but i don’t know how to change that

The link to my code

Would be thankful for any advice :smiley:

This means you are returning a string but the test expects a dictionairy. You change that by creating a dictionairy :wink:

ahh okay then i’ll try that

just well didn’t think that was the case as the instructions say explicitly to make a list -.-

but well okay - thanks :smiley:

It explicitly says list with inside objects

The method should append an object to the ledger list in the form of {"amount": amount, "description": description} .

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