Bug in "Basic CSS: Add Rounded Corners with border-radius"

The instructions say that you can include the border-radius property in either the smaller-image or thick-green-border classes made in the CSS code there. If I add border-radius to either one it still only makes the green border rounded and NOT the image itself as intended in this exercise. Hope this helps, I intend on making a monetary contribution soon, and let me know if I’m doing something wrong or if you have fixed this problem because I want to try it for myself :slight_smile:

Although the challenge will accept either (it’s just looking to see that you added the attribute correctly), if you want a rounded image with a rounded border, you will actually need to add a border-radius to both.

No way. It doesn’t specify that bit so I was confused. You should edit that in there. Either way, I’m gonna go try it. Thanks for the prompt reply.

Edit: I tried your method but get the same results. Only the green border becomes rounded. I added border-radius to both like you said. I would try to help but really I don’t know much yet as you can probably tell. I’m only on the CSS lessons so far.

Actually, ignore that. I didn’t look back at the challenge. I was thinking that these were two different elements, not two classes on the same element.

What you’re actually seeing is that the border radius applies the curve to the outside of the border, because of the thickness of the border and the smallness of the radius, the cat photo is not impacted. Play with the thickness of the border or the size of the radius to see changes.

I will try that next chance I get.