BUG: Use * to Import Everything from a File

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Test only passes when using double quotes. This one will not pass:

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'use strict';

import * as capStr from 'capitalize_strings';

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Apparently ths is a bug to report as issue.

Ok, I never reported any issue on github before. Are there any sort of guidelines?

It is easy. Just go to the link @yoelvis provided and trying searching the open issues first to see if someone may have already reported this issue. When I searched open issues for the word import, I see:

Just read through the search results and If you are sure no one has reported it yet, then you click New Issue and then select the 3rd option shown below…

FYI - When I saw your post, I actually viewed the tests and determined there are some other bugs, such as the tests will let you have spaces at the beginning and end of the file name. For example:

import * as capStr from "  capitalize_strings  ";

The above passes, but it should fail, because of the extra spaces.

You might want to include this in your issue if you submit it.

FYI - The good news is, I have already figured out what the correct test should be to fix both bugs.

I searched myself and https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues/17665 already mentions the single quote as something which needs to be fixed.