Bugged on the return variable?

my solution was this it says i passed it but i cant go to next level unless there was another way the dev solved this exercise? please share!
this was my solution:
function timesFive5(num) {

return num * 25;



function timesFive2(num) {

return num * 10;



function timesFive0(num) {

return num * 0;



function timesFive() {

console.log(timesFive([timesFive5(num)], [timesFive2(num)], [timesFive0(num)]));

This was now the feedback I got!

please if you have the solution @devs please share or fix the bug! am stuck!

try using only one function versus the 5 you have. I think you trying to solve the Return a Value from a Function with Return.


yes the main objective was to use the return to multiply by changing the timesFive function but i have tried everything and am still stucked is there anyway i can view the solution cause the vid of this topic is not helpful.
this was the question:

all you have to do is fill in function with a return num multiplied by five.


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