Build a Drum Machine - user story #7

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I am stuck on “Build a Drum Machine” user story #7. The app is able to display sound name but I am unable to pass the test case.

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Challenge: Build a Drum Machine


I dont know if it’s the issue, but there’s a user story #2

Within #drum-machine I can see an element with corresponding id=“display”.

The test is passed, but your app structure is different


Thanks mate, I knew I was doing something silly. :sweat_smile:

Hey Annestezia, in addition to what you suggested I found another mistake.
The inner text of display was supposed to change on button click while I was changing it on audio play.

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Hey, Divyansh!

Well done! :+1:
I thougth there could be more, and hoped you’d want to solve it yourself :wink:

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