Build a Markdown Previewer cant pass the 7.test

Hello everyone. I am trying to pass the test. I am about to pass it but I have stacked in one last test. Also in the test, it informs us it is not compulsory to pass it.

Test warning is like that.". OPTIONAL BONUS (you do not need to make this test pass): My markdown previewer interprets carriage returns and renders them as
(line break) elements (HINT: read the Marked.js docs for this one!)."

My project is in that link. my code

what am I doing wrong? Thanks

Just follow the error message hints to modify your call to marked().

Also, you can add all the JS libraries you are adding in the HTML pane from the JS settings in codepen (just click the settings gear and search for them.

I have read the information on the link . I concluded that I should add this code to my old code.And it solved it

  breaks: true

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