Build a Palindrome checker Project

i need help with the project send solutions pls the steps i can’t work the check button please input a value and a is a palindrome

post your code here. also link your topic to the challange project.

This is against the Academic Honesty Pledge, you need to write your own solution for the project, you can’t ask others to write it for you.

If you want help please share your code

const textInput = document.getElementById("text-input");
const checkButton = document.getElementById("check-btn");
const result = document.getElementById("result");

checkBtn.addEventListener("click",() =>{
  if(textInput.value === ""){
    alert("Please input a value")
  } else if (textInput.value.length === 1){
result.innerText = `${textInput.value} is a palindrome`

Ok, you have something to work with here, but your button won’t work at the moment because the variable checkBtn doesn’t exist.

You also need to write the logic which will check if your string is a palindrome. As it stands, your code will only ‘work’ for strings which are exactly one character in length.

How might you approach the logic of testing a string to see whether or not it is a palindrome? What logical steps could you take to do this?