Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage - Luis

Hi Everybody !
It’s Luis and I have to resolve this test:

For the code this exercise : “Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage”, I need use a template ? Or i have to code since 0 (clean html).

Thanks in advance.


The idea is to build from scratch, but you could “model” it after a design you like. The whole point is to draw up a mockup of a site you would like to create for your portfolio and then use html/css (Bootstrap is optional here) and for more bells and whistles you might need to JavaScript (or a library like jQuery) to make things more dynamic. This challenge will get you out of your comfort zone quite a bit. You will have to use google to search for how to make certain things work. Of course you can always post a link to your project if you use Codepen, JSFiddle or github to highlight your project and ask questions here on the forum about things you are not sure of how to do. Usually, someone will be able to answer your question or at least point you in the right direction with respect to documentation to get you closer to your end goal.

Also, think of your portfolio as a living document that will change as you learn more about CSS and JavaScript and get more projects under your belt in general. At first you will not have much to put in your portfolio, so it may appear “weak”, but as time goes by, you will put your best works on this page to entice employers to hire you (if that is your ultimate goal).

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Thanks Randell !!!
I used the library boostrap

This is my project portaflio :

I appreciate all the feedback

Luis Sánchez

This looks like a template you downloaded and added some content to it. You should be creating your own design and not using a template. If it is not a template and you created it from scratch along with all the projects in your portfolio, I am confused why you are even using Free Code Camp. I am confused, because everything appears very polished.