Build a Product Landing Page- form error

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I have errors all related to <form> area. But I have added everything as the user story aked.
Am I supposed to use email only in the form??

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You don’t have to. You can have another email field but named “email2”, and with id=“em2”. Heck, you can have hundreds of forms with thousands of fields, but you have to have at least one email field with appropriate field name and id as stated in the challenge. For your problem solution is simple. Label above email field have same id as input field for email. Change it for something else. Id’s should(must) be unique. Also submit button should have id=“submit”. Also try using bootstrap’s class to fix navbar at top. Or you can go medieval with css: position: fixed;top: 0; width: 100%; . Apply this to navbar. Also i see for you navbar you have class but you don’t have a tag for it … If you have doubts how to implement all of this, take a gander of how i did it:

Thank you. I have fixed it and passed it.
Btw, I like your page the way that animation appears on the Photo! Looks really cool.