Build a Product Landing Page (header Problem)

When i am trying to fix the header its not working as supposed to… Please Help!!!
my code is not complete but I want to fix the header problem first.

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Just give your header a 100% width,
But the error says some other problem,

  1. Use media query atleast once
  2. Use flexbox atleast once

Thanks for the response

I already tried to make the width 100%. The main problem is that it is overlapping my section element.
any suggestion how to fix that.

PS : I can pass the test with this code but it is not the way it should be I want to make it appealing.

Your entire page starts with the container having the id #gap, give it a padding-top which equals the height of the navbar ( 115px i think )

Edit: Before that, clear the default margin and padding of the ul and h1 elements inside the header and then give the #gap a padding-top equal to the header height

Thanks a lot seems to fixed it. I gave #gap to move the whole page but was confused with what property to be used.
Your response fixed it and gave me what I was missing.
Thanks A Ton.