Build a product landing page. Need an advise

Hi everyone!

So, was started on this project and have to say html part - is ok, but what is related css I experience some troubles. I google, read at w3school and watch videos on youtube but still I can maximum copy what people are doing but don’t quite understand what I’m doing…
Could you please give me some advise. If you experienced similar troubles.
The tribute project was ok, but this one some how is confusing me a bit…idk…should I just push it through and later on I’ll catch it up or … any helpful advises are truly appreciated.

PS. yeah, I do plan to go through all the previous lessons at freecodecamp but still don’t think it would be enough for the needed result.

Are you asking for general help with CSS? If so heres some reading material for you, this is what massively helped me get a true grasp on it:

MDN docs on CSS:
CSS Tricks:

The main thing which helped me to get a good grasp of CSS was actually messing about with it to be honest. That and getting a good idea of the basic principles of the different types of display properties (block, inline-block, flex, grid being some of the core concepts I think should be understood first and foremost) and the ways in which position affects effects elements.

Once you understand these concepts the rest will fall into place. Look into things like the differences between display: none;, opacity: 0; and visibility: hidden as well as the differences between position:relative;, position:fixed; and position:absolute;.

These are some of the core concepts and once these fall into place the rest will make a lot more sense.

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Thank you for the help and sharing useful links and info, mate.
All will come with practice :slight_smile: good luck to me and again - thank you :slight_smile:

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