Build a Product Landing Page video

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i haven’t finished yet, but i can’t get my video to work…

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Can you share the link of your CodePen to check your work, also, what error are you getting?

If it helps, I use Ubuntu and there are some problems with videos, but I’m not sure if you’re using this same OS

and as far as I can tell it isn’t giving me an error on the video, it’s just putting up a blank white square. I haven’t done anything with CSS yet, so i don’t know if that has something to do with it or not. I’m only using html right now, I usually save all of the design work for last.

this is going to sound really stupid, but how do i share it…?

Copy the link in your browser’s address bar when you are on your project’s page.
See if that helps.

i tried that, it opens a blank code pen with the assignment. As it it doesn’t pull up with my work on it. I tried the share button in the bottom corner too, but it didn’t give an option for sharing it here. ust things like facebook or twitter.

Make sure you save the project before copying the link.

it isn’t giving me to option to save it…

You need an account to save.

i have one XD i think it just hates me

when i go into my account, it deletes all my work. I’ve resorted to a notepad with the entire project on it because ive had to delete it so many times in trying to figure out whats going on. When i go onto my account, it wants me to create a new one, but when i try to create a new one with the link from code academy it removes the saving option. I’ve only made the account today, and ive had nothing but problems trying to finish this project since last night.

got it. this should work now. Can anyone help me with my video problem…?

There is problem with your link i.e. “src” attribute.
Instead of ypur current link paste this.
Hope this helps.

I have been staring at this forever thank you sooooo much!!!