Build a Product Landing : Please help me .. I can not embed video using HTML

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I am stuck uploading video …

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You need to pass an absolute path with a link to the video file. By using only the video.mp4 you’re telling the browser to look for the file in the same directory as your html file; since your using Codepen, that won’t work unless you use Codepen assets.

And controls ="movie.mp4 is not the attribute you’re looking for. Read this.

Thank you.

This was the code i used before.

I wonder why it is not working

I’ve seen your changes.

<video controls src="" type="video/mp4"

You CAN’T use a URL from YouTube to embed the video. You must use a URL pointing to an mp4 file in your case, like:

<video src="" type="video/mp4" ... ></video>

If you want to embed a video from YouTube you will need an iframe:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src=""></iframe>

Thank you very much

I really appreciate

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Can you please break this down for me ?

What do you mean? I think it’s all been said in my comment :slight_smile:

I want an explanation to this

Ah, OK. You just need to point to a video file through the Internet. For example, this link: