Build a Random Quote Machine: can't pass tests 8 & 9

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I’m trying to create random quote generator using react.
So far i have managed to do that but i’m failing tests 8 & 9 (Both show error:Timeout of 15000ms exceeded. ) and i don’t know why.I would love to get some pointers so i can improve my code.

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The tester is looking for a clickable element with corresponding id="new-quote", right now your id="new-quote" is on the parent element (a div) of the clickable element that generates the new quote and not the element itself, move that id to the clickable element and it will pass…


Thank you very much Dereje1. I kinda feel bad now for even posting this since it was very simple mistake, i’l try to be more observant.

Actually, it wasn’t as simple to spot, though it may look so in hindsight, no need to feel bad