Build a Survery

Hi Everyone,

I am just starting to work on the second project and have run into an issue. Apologies if this is messy code/a simple problem, but I am just starting out. I am trying to center the check boxes and labels together and can’t seem to get it to work.

I have tried floating, aligning items and using width+padding. While I can get this to work one by one I feel there should be a better and more uniform way to center everything in 1 or 2 functions.

Any and all help for this question/the project in general is greatly appreciated!

I do not quite understand what you mean by center together, could you re-explain>?

Hi Ryan,

I am trying to get the Checkboxes to be vertically inline with the other choices.(i.e. text boxes and drop downs)

Before, the checkbox and label were not moving together and I also couldn’t get them to be centered on the screen.

Does this clarify?

maybe try margins? :thinking:

Great. Try putting the checkboxes in a separate div, 50%-padding right-width, text-align left. Sorry for late reply.

Hi All,

Thanks for the reply’s, I appreciate the help. Maybe I am doing this wrong, but neither adding padding or margins is making a difference.