Build a| Survey Form| Help and feedback

Hi guys!
I hope that everything is going well.

First, I would like to say that all your projects are amazing! Congrats to all!! I’m waiting to have the proper skills to be capable of give feedback too, but due I’m super new in this world I don’t feel with the capacity yet :frowning_face:

Second, I would like to gently ask you for your help and feedback about my project, I don’t know why but I can’t align the fields that I show you in the images that I attached. I move a couple of values but I couldn’t fixed. Also, if you have feedback about my survey form I really appreciate.

THANK YOU!! :slight_smile:

1 2.PNG

Survey project

Hi @NicoKeidong. You’ll most likely want to use the width and max-width properties on the <select> and three <input>s above it to get them all to behave the same. Play around with those two properties to see what you can do and get back to us if you are still having problems.

Also, I would recommend that you not put side margins on the <body>. There is a better way to center the <form> using side margins on the <form>, but instead of using a specific number value, use auto.

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Thank you very much! I’ll give I try and I must say that I really appreciate your guidance :slight_smile: