Build a Survey Form not passing all tests

Hello everyone,

I have completed my “Build a Survey Form” project, but I can’t seem to get it to pass all tests no matter what I try, it only passes 15 out of 17 tests. I checked many times but am not sure what am doing wrong here, can someone please help me and tell me what am doing wrong? this is the project link:

codepen io/ abdullahsa/ pen/ PLdGZZ

it seems that when I pasted the code it did not format correctly, can someone please delete this post until I figure out how to do it correctly because I don’t seem to have a permission to delete it

Remember to surround your code in backticks to format.

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Note: you do not need the sql

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Hello @abdullahsai, just edit your original post and delete everything except for the first paragraph. Then since you can’t post your link just yet, add spaces to it when you post it, something like this
codepen io/ username / penname


The name and email inputs need to have the required attribute on them.

<input type="text" required>

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michaelnicol, Roma, lasjorg

Thanks for your help, I managed to pass all the tests after adding “required” to the name and email inputs.