Build a Survey Form - Stuck with radio button list

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Hi all! I’ve been scratching my head since yesterday over this one, and I’m wearing a hole in my scalp, so I’m making my first forum help request.

I’m putting together the survey form project, and while I’ve got the first three text inputs and the role selector working, I’m struggling with the recommend a friend radio buttons. I’ve tired building from scratch, and now I’ve tried just pasting in the section from the example project, but even that isn’t aligning properly; the question itself does not appear, and the buttons are out of alignment.

I think it may be linked to the label for the previous question, as I was also having trouble keeping it on one line. Has this had a knock-on effect to the alignment of the next question…?

Here’s my pen; the recommend a friend question is cut from the example project, and the last two blocks of CSS are also cut from same source, as they’re linked to the inputs on that question.

I look forward to discovering what incredibly obvious thing I’ve overlooked! :sweat_smile:

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Ah, found the problem - unclosed select tag!